October 29, 2006

Stewardship of the Earth

“…God said, ‘Let us make man in our image… Let them have dominion over the fish…, the birds,… and over all wild animals…’” (Gen 1:26)
We are created not in God’s physical image – God transcends physical being. We do not have a face like God’s because God does not have a face as we know it. We are alike in spirit – a share in the Divine. We share in God’s intellect and will, His ability to think, choose, and act. We are made in His image in that we have dominion over the earth, as He has dominion over all of creation.

There is a significant difference, though; we are created in God’s likeness, but we are not God. Our dominion over the earth stems not from an act of creation but from inheritance, from a gift of stewardship. God granted us the earth that He created and that He maintains in existence by His divine will. We have been given the earth as a gift, as the place of our stewardship. We are called to manage the earth, to tend it and use it well, until He comes to claim to seat of dominion from us.

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