November 13, 2006

The Beauty of Being Wrong

Each of us is an imperfect creature. We are made of God's image, but not of God Himself; only God is perfect and, therefore, we are not. Even before sin entered the world, before evil creeped into the cracks in our being and exploded our imperfection into the evils we live with in these times, we were still imperfect. In the creation account, God saw that we were good. Not perfect. Good.

There is a beautiful secret hiding in that realization - that we are not perfect. We cannot always be right. If we are imperfect, then our knowledge and opinion must be imperfect. We must be wrong, at least some of the time; each of us, individually, must be wrong sometimes.

How is that beautiful? There is a certain solace in knowing you cannot possibly always be right, a release from that particular pressure. I am allowed to be wrong. Even if my wrong-ness isn't discovered for years, even centuries, I'm allowed to be wrong. Even something bad can be used for good by God, and this imperfection is the beginning of forgiveness, humility, and compassion - for yourself and for each other.

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