November 07, 2006

"Catholic" Politicians

Election day always brings me mixed feelings. I feel inspired by the dedicated work done by many members of our government. Chris Smith springs to mind, and not just because he's a native of Hamilton Township, NJ, where I grew up. Mr. Smith has been a tireless campaigner in Congress for human rights, improved healthcare, and better treatment for veterans and the elderly. He is also an honest politician; he'll tell you his views and affiliations clearly. You may not agree with him, but you have to respect his disclosure.

In contrast, there are politicians like Senator Robert Menendez, who claims to be Catholic yet supports abortion. For an actual Roman Catholic, abortion is a non-negotiable item; you cannot support it and continue to be Catholic. What upsets me nearly as much as his stance on the issue, is that his website makes no mistake that he's Catholic but fails to clarify his position on abortion. If Catholic voters knew his position, they wouldn't vote for him; he is lying by omission and its seems to be in order to garner votes from trusting Catholic voters. ('Last I checked, bearing false witness was a sin, too.)

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