January 18, 2007

God Sees the Big Picture

Both on the job and in grad school this week, the idea of systemic thinking (or. "Systemness") has come up. As I think about it, I realize that there are applications to theogy as well. God is a system thinker - He looks at the "big picture" and the interconnectedness of everything in the world.

Often, we wonder why God allows specific things to happen. It's difficult to remember that God takes a bigger, more broad view of our lives. We often fail to appreciate it, and we simply cannot duplicate it. And, so, we are left to go on faith.

The events of our lives, the lives of others in the world, and the lives of those before and after us are all connected. A tug at one strand of the web vibrates through the rest of it - even though we usually cannot see beyond our little piece of time and space.

John Donne was inspired to see further when he wrote that we are all "a piece of the maine" - all connected to each other, despite our individuality, like the specks of dirt that make up the expanse of land at our feet.

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