January 05, 2007

Let It Rain

Its unseasonably warm, and its raining - a bad weather double-whammy. Rainy days almost always feel dreary, but today I found myself humming a tune. Whether it was the working of my mind or a little nudge of the Spirit, the Newsboys' "Let It Rain" popped into my head.
"..with a word You calmed a raging sea.I have seen You make the wine from
water.Mud and water made a blind man see.Water still reminds me...

I can see Your face againwhen You let it rain"

There are so many positive images of water in the Bible. Put Noah and the flood out of your mind; Christ walked on water, was baptised in water, turned water into wine. Every day, water and wine become His Blood, as He said.

I have to walk back out in the grey drizzle now, but somehow it looks a little different.
Water, like a promise -
Heaven opens, but I'm not there yet...

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