February 22, 2007

The Angel in the Waters

As an expectant father, I recently read the book Angel in the Waters. I realized that its not just beautiful spiritual reading for a parent but that there is a message here for all of us.

We were being catechized from the very beginning, prepared for the final "birthing" to our fullness of life in God. Our first earthy transition from the womb to the world we know was just a practice-run for our next step out, leaving this world - and the womb of the earthly church - to join the eternal world waiting for us in Heaven.

We are all forming our souls now in the mystical womb of the Church, just as we formed a body in our earthly mother's womb. And like a baby in mother's womb, sometimes I feel a hand reaching from somewhere outside or hear a voice I can't place. My angel keeps telling me to be patient, that I'll get there and know more then. In the next world, we'll see our eternal Father and Mother face to face.

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