March 05, 2007

A Little Piece of God?

Earlier in the month, I wrote about an analogy from the relationship of God the Father and Jesus the Son. I've been thinking about it since then, especially the last part I wrote about God being unable to be diluted. There is another very powerful implication to that thought.

Imagine making some very strong coffee. If you pour a little coffee into a mug, then add water, you get weaker coffee. If you add a little coffee to a pitcher and fill it with water, you get vaguely-coffee-flavored water. (And, in my opinion, ruining good coffee like that should be, at least, a venial sin.)

Now imagine all-powerful coffee - you add a tiny drop to a pitcher of water and, somehow, it's still full-strength coffee. (And Starbucks is out of business.)

God is all-powerful and cannot be diluted or broken up. A tiny piece of God is absolutely, utterly, 100% all of God. Even if you have a piece of the Body of Christ that is only, say, the size of a small wafer... you still have 100% all of God.

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