April 19, 2007

A Rant for Love

The tragedy at Virginia Tech is one more powerful reminder of a truth we've been watering down and avoiding for years - that there is evil in the world. The world needs saving from that evil, and only love can do it.

The love I'm talking about is not cutesy, greeting card love. It's not free hippy love. Real love is not a feeling or a thought; it's an action. Love hurts, as the saying goes. (Or as St. Paul put it, love bears all things.)

To pit love against evil is not slave morality. It is not weakness or lip-service. It's not just idle words, useless against physical violence.

Love is about passion and about giving. Real love is sacrifice - it is work. That is why we preach a theology of faith *and* works - words without action are useless. Love without work, without - sometimes - suffering, isn't real love. Christ came as the incarnate *Word* of God, and what did the Word do? He *acted*. He suffered along with us through anger, loss, and frustration, then He suffered and died on a cross. His great work, His act of love, is what paid our way out of sin and death and into heaven.

Love is action. It is suffering and hardship, often, to love, but make no mistake that love without action is something less than true love. Our little actions add up, and even if we can't possibly make up enough to bring evil to an end, God has us covered - Jesus paid the balance.
We are children at the checkout counter, our meager change too little to buy what we want; God is the loving parent picking up the rest of the bill. He will make our actions matter, no matter how small, and they will overcome evil.

So, act. Stop reading this blog. Go outside and help someone. Wish someone a nice day. Hug your child. Save the world.


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