June 12, 2007

The Failure of Faith and the Gift of the Lamb

My son is four days old now, and parenthood - even this early - has been a humbling experience. I can't imagine needing it right now, but if a parent ever needs a little dose of humility it takes nothing more than to think about Abraham and Isaac.

Ask yourself, honestly, if you could do it. If God asked for your child's life - not just indirectly, in war or by accident, but by your own hand - is your faith great enough to do it.

We are selfish children, clinging to what God has *allowed* us - loaned us - and unwilling to give it back.

Yet, we can remember in this humbling moment of selfishness and love for our child that God is an infinitely loving father. He can take our offering, however great or small, and make it enough. As Abraham assures his son, God will provide the lamb. Like a father chipping in at the checkout counter, He will make up the difference so what we are able to give is enough.

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