August 16, 2007

God Dominates the Game of Life

Do you know of anyone that thinks they're above you? They don't acknowledge you because of your position at the office, or where you live, how much you make, your gender or the color of your skin. We probably have all experienced that - someone that thinks they're so powerful or superior that we're not as important. I think its intended to be humbling, to put us in our place and make us feel "small"; I hope no one has fallen for that ruse.

What really is humbling, though, is the exact opposite - someone powerful and superior that still cares about us.

Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins? Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God. Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. (Lk 12: 6-7)

Casting Crowns puts it well in their song "Who am I?", when they ask "who am I / that the Lord of all the earth / would care to know my name? / ...I am a flower quickly fading / here today and gone tomorrow..."

Whether we judge ourselves by size, compared to the universe He created; by our time spent on this earth; or by our power compared to Gods, we are inexpressibly small. And yet, God cares for us, He not only notices us - acknowledges us - but he knows us intimately, down to the last hair on each head.

We simply lack the power or longevity to ever pay back that kindness, to ever know God so intimately as He knows us. Its not because of us that God loves us, but because of Him. It's "not because of what I've done / but because of who You are" that we're known and loved so deeply, because God's greatness, not our own.

It's humbling but also relieving that God loves us despite our smallness. It frees us to seek Him, to learn what we can in our short time and with our limited understanding, without worrying that we have to come out even in the end.

Life is not a zero-sum game - God always gives more.

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