September 18, 2007

Infinite and Specific Love

If God is infinite, his love must necessarily also be infinite. To have less than infinite, perfect love would mean that God possesses something less than perfect, less than it could be. That would make God less than infinite.

God's love is infinite, then, and the biggest implication is not what you may first think. Yes, of course that means God has enough love to love the entire world - all of humanity. The entire world, though big, is finite.

God's infinite love can overcome a boundary much greater, however, than the physical size of the earth. The distance to each individual, to a person's heart and soul, is far further.

God's infinite love does something far greater than seeing and loving the whole world. It sees and loves each of us individually. Each person, everywhere, through all of time. "He gathers his sheep one by one, calling each by name." (John 10:1-3) By name. He knows and loves each of us - every single one of us - personally. Everything Jesus did in love, we can truly say - without any exaggertion or fancy - He did for each of us personally.

He didn't die for us. He died for me.

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