September 21, 2007

A Tale of Two News Stories

Right on the front page of Yahoo!, today, is the news story "Expiration date for marraige?" A German politician suggests that marriages automatically expire after seven years - that it be a conscious decision of both people to "renew" the marriage after that point.

First off, I can't even remember to bring a library book back on time. By our 30th wedding anniversay, my wife and I would have had four civil divorces!

I shouldn't need to even put much thought into arguments against something that makes marriage less of a serious commitment than a gym membership. "But my gym membership renews automatically. I wish it was as convenient as this - after seven years of forgetting to cancel (or getting talked out of it), it simply ends." There's the problem - convenience. There's a reason the expression "marriage of convenience" exists - its necessary to add that modifier because most marriages are rather inconvenient. It takes dedication and effort - in short, it takes love (not puppy love; fawning, smushy, need-to-vomit-now love, or a very strong case of "like" - real love) to have a marriage.

And that's - perhaps odd for a Catholic blog, I know - not even touching on the sacramental aspect. I'll leave that for another day. On to article two...

Hidden on the sidebar of the story, easily overlooked, my eyes fell across this link: "Dying Professor's Lecture of a Lifetime".

A professor with but a few months to live gave his final lecture, saying that "in the face of adversity, don't complain, just work harder... patience... will eventually be rewarded."

The article continues with him suggesting that "if you wait long enough, other people will show you their good side... Sometimes it takes a lot longer than you might like. But the onus is on you to keep the hope and keep waiting."

This is the article that needed to be on the front page. This is the message we need to send. Patience. Kindness. Serving others. Its almost like he, too, is talking about...

Ah, yes.

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