October 23, 2007

Ho Kai Paulos

Matthew at "Play the Dad? No, Be the Dad!" too kindly referred to my recent "Not a Chump" rant as a little bit of Lectio Divina. I'm no great theologian, but a guy that sometimes feels like he's been thrown into the Truth without his swimmies on. I make the best of it and share what I can. He asked where the title of my blog comes from, and I suppose that's it.

While I was raised Roman Catholic, I still consider myself a convert in some ways. I had a spiritual awakening in college (yes, I know there's a joke in there somewhere) and found that God had lifted me out of a lot of difficulty into the light again. I didn't see a bright light, but I certainly felt it in my heart. A dear friend of mine - again, too kindly - saw a comparison there to Paul.

While I fear giving in to pride at that, I chose to name my blog Ho Kai Paulos - the words mean "also called Paul" - to remind myself of the comparison, to let it humble me each time I post to you all. I was called the name once, but I'm so very far from being Paul's equal.

Plus, his blog is much wider read.

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