November 21, 2007

Be Thankful for Men

As soon as I saw an article on MSN today - "10 Reasons to Give Thanks for Men" - I knew it. I knew what was coming.

Reason #1? We squish bugs.

Was it divine inspiration or just a bad feeling when I read the title? Somehow, every article on "looking on the bright side" of men says the same things, when you get down to it - we kill insects and claim the big piece of chicken. That's it. I'll take Gloria Gaynor's version over that; at least her theology is a bit more accurate. (Granted, it wasn't every angel that resisted and we're all far from the "perfect guy", but there's no mention of bug squishing in the song.)

Can we find something a little more "big picture" than bug squishing? How about this?

The strongest and most pervasive image of Christ returning to His Church is that of a bridegroom to his bride. If this is how best to describe the relationship of Christ to His Church, then there is something very special about that connection. It is not the only way to know Christ better, but a husband and wife joining together - truly uniting, not in justice but in love, which is greater - is a very powerful image of the depth of Christ's love for us. To put it very simply - and far from completely - a man and woman simply do not do the same jobs in a relationship. Some traditional boundaries may be crossed - I like to cook, for instance - but regardless of which contributions man and woman make, they cannot be the same. If both wash the dishes, they never get dried. God's love, Christ's relationship with His Bride, and our relationships together are not about justice, they are about love.

If men were truly just with women, and women with men, and God with each of us, what a huge mess we'd all be in. No one of us truly wants justice - if God judged us fairly, none would make it to heaven - and no one of us truly wants a partner that's our duplicate and equal in all things.

Of course, that doesn't fit nicely into a top ten list. Maybe someday I'll write one that will...

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