November 01, 2007

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

Think about the answer to the following question. After you've answered it, read below the line.
(This is a Catholic blog, man. Don't cheat!)

Who are the five most important living men?


Your definition of "important" may be different from mine. "Important" may mean "personally important to you", and you listed a father, husband, or son. "Important" may mean "influential", in which case any number of political figures - even those we may categorize as unjust or even evil - could be on your list. "Important" may suggest relevance to your spirituality, your education, or even your entertainment; you could have included priests, friends, authors, playwrights, actors, musicians, and so forth.

Your definition of "men" can also be strict ("male humans") or more broad ("people"); in other words, you may have included women in the list.

Any of those things are correct given the right interpretation of the question.

Now, here is the twist.. and the only graded part of the question. Did you include Jesus Christ?

If not, why? There three reasons to not include Him. I suspect that most of us - and I have failed this test myself, asked in one of Peter Kreeft's lectures - fall (just the right word, hm?) into the third error:
  • He is not as important to you as the five on the list
  • You don't consider Him a "man"
  • You forgot or don't believe that He is living.

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