November 04, 2007

Thought Provoking

That's the title of a book display at my local Barnes and Noble - "thought provoking...". They do have a wonderful Christian section and, on the opposite set of shelves, a very nice array of philosophy books. On seeing a display of "through provoking" books, I was excited to see what was selected.

Unfortunately, I found a display that was very skewed in one direction. On the table under that sign rested three stacks of different books by Richard Dawkins and another title "The Portable Atheist". (And I thought the whole point of atheism was they don't think they're going anywhere else.)

For a moment, I was relieved to see "Letter to a Christian Nation". Unfortunately, paging through it revealed not a supportive, "pro" narrative but a "con" argument against belief.
On one corner, the lone representative of religious belief at all, let alone Christianity, was The Language of God. (This, by the way, looks like an excellent book; I'm looking forward to reading it.)

What's a Christian to do in this situation? I wanted to complain. I wanted to yell. I wanted to just pick up all the atheism books and hide them.

Instead, I think I was led to a more long-term solution - and one more deliciously subversive, too. A few minutes after my discovery, a stack of six copies of Mere Christianity found there way to the table, resting beside the atheism tomes in an unused corner. I provided the transportation; C. S. Lewis and God can manage the conversion.

Do I feel guilty for impinging on the little atheistic display? Of course not. If there is no God - no lawgiver and no moral absolute - than I didn't do anything wrong.

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