February 06, 2008

Lenten Sacrifice

We're heading toward the end of Lent, and perhaps, like me, you've had difficulty sacrificing. What happens if we "fail" at our Lenten sacrifice?

If you are giving up something that is sinful, and you continue committing the sin, then you are turning away from God. God wants you in heaven, but you have the free will to choose to sin and turn away from that gift.

If you are giving up something that is not normally sinful, then the sacrifice is entirely for spiritual growth and to come closer to God. By giving something up, even something small, you are emulating Christ. He gave up the most - His very life. (In fact, more than that, He gave up being a non-human - being born human was very humbling!)

Every little bit you sacrifice is a way of carrying a cross and giving something up like Christ.Just remember - even Christ stumbled along the road. And even Christ called out to God in pain and abandonment.Its the end of the road that matters the most. Get there, even if you stumble and hurt and rage along the way.

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