June 22, 2008

Fear No One

My Friends,
We hear some frightening words in the readings at Mass today, words that remind us of what a Christian life is often like.
"I hear the whispers of many... All those who were my friends are on the
watch for any misstep of mine." (Jer

"I bear insult and shame covers my face. I have become an outcast to my
brothers, a stranger to my children..." (Ps 69:8-9)

The Christian life has been a difficult one, from the very first Christian congregations to ours today. After nearly two thousand years, many of the same enemies hound the Church. But Jesus tells us in Matthew's Gospel to fear no one. (Mt 10:26)

God knows us deeply and intimately. And we have worth to God. It does not matter what other people say or do, as long as they do no harm to our spirits, as long as we remember our worth to the Father. Further, we are let in on a little secret - that "nothing is concealed that will not be revealed". All of the nay-sayers and enemies of the faith will be revealed the Truth - the one Way, Truth, and Life that they have been attacking. They will hear the question asked of Paul on the road to Damascus - "why do you persecute me?"

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