July 22, 2008

I Love Being Catholic! (Catholic Carnival 182)

God bless you, my friends,

I have the pleasure of hosting Catholic Carnival #182. Fellow faithful and faith-filled Catholics have been blogging together for three and a half years now. What a blessing to have so many of us here together. What a wonderful time to be Catholic!

And that is the theme of this week's blog carnival - "I love being Catholic!"

Let's open with an affectionate song about just that. (You can also view the video on lovetobecatholic.com)

What is there to love about being Catholic?

We have Love.
Not cuddly, comfortable wuv, but real love - what C.S. Lewis once wrote "could easily be mistaken for ferocity". Real, intense love leads us to the true meaning of worship. Drawing on C. S. Lewis as well, Heidi of Mommy Monsters Inc. teaches us about Worship in the Shadowlands.

We have a mission.
As Heidi wrote in her blog on worship, "We are called to love. Called to give. Called to hope." In fact we have The Mission, set for us by Christ, to make disciples of all the nations. David at "Apostolate of the Laity" reminds us that the mission of conversion needs to begin inside each of us with our core values.
And from there, it needs to spread out at every moment. Being a part of the Body of Christ is not a part-time job. We are called to be All Christian, All the Time, as Denise, the Catholic-Mom, reminds us.
Elena at My Domestic Church writes about "Naked Bloggers" (Ten Hail Mary's if you thought the same thing I did). Can we say we've kept the mission if we just sit silently by? Memorize a little Latin today: "qui tacet consentire videtur" or "he who is silent, consents".
Jane, at Building the Ark, reminds us that we can all strive to be heroes. Just down the road from her, a man practiced the hope and love that Frank, the "Harrowed Parent", tells us are key parts of How to Be a Man.
What happens when someone lacks that hope and love for all life? Catholic Fire shares with us a Very Sad Day at Tiller's Gate. (Please offer your prayers for everyone involved - everyone.)

We have help on that mission!
We have a loving Mother.
Christ suffered for us, and Mary suffers with us. How can a mother not feel the pain of her children? And not reach out to help them when they need it? At the group blog Behold Your Mother, Heidi introduces us to Christine Trollinger and an example of divinely answered prayer - When the Lost is Found.
At Postscripts from the Catholic Spitfire Grill, we find some food for thought about the Presentation in the Temple. Mary's own suffering - joined to Christ's, just as all of ours is - may have started long before the Passion began.
At Army of Martyrs, Tim talks about his first experience with the hauntingly beautiful Ave Maria (and recommends a very nice rendition to listen to).

And we have a loving and just Father.
God has every hair on our heads counted and keeps our best interests in mind, even when they aren't how WE planned things. God loves us. We can count on that, even When Things Turn Out... Differently, as Sarah reminds us at "just another day of Catholic pondering".
Mary's Aggies suggests a wonderful video about nuns that definately have "the mission" and a minor league baseballer that didn't until, of course, things turned out differently - Nuns, Conversion, Death, and Baseball.
And our God is just, even when the meaning of that is hard to grasp. The HMS Blog helps us get a handle on this past Sunday's readings about God's Justice.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. The Spirit was working in all of you, as you can see from how beautifully your work came together.


Anonymous said...

Really wonderful Carnival ... thanks for doing such a great job!

For those who are interested, "Shadowlands" is the first in a series of posts on Humanae Vitae, which will appear at "Mommy Monsters" all week! Blessings, Heidi

Anonymous said...

Great job hosting! Thanks for taking this on!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting the Carnival

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