July 09, 2008

You Do Not Believe

My friends in Christ,

I'm writing today about a topic that's been on my mind these past few days. I want to warn you that the next few paragraphs are harsh. They apply to me as well as you, for we are all sinners. Pray for me and with me... and read on.

When you see the mailman walk up to your mailbox, do you go out to check the mail? Why? I go outside to get the mail because I believe it is there. I believe that the mailman is delivering something that is important.

When you go to bed, do you trust that your alarm (or internal clock or the sun) will wake you on time? Why? I trust that my alarm clock will wake me. My career and my family's financial well-being rest on that little $20 device. I believe that it will wake me on time.

And on Christmas morning, do you get up long before daylight to see what Santa brought you? Why not? At some point, we stopped believing in Santa Claus. We don't believe, so we don't act.

And finally, have you ever skipped Mass one week? Have you ever missed receiving the Eucharist? Why?

Why did you miss an opportunity to receive the Body of Christ? Because you do not believe. Because deep down somewhere you don't believe it can really be the Body of Christ. I have missed Mass before. Am I crazy? I must be, because my God was there - physically there - and I missed a chance to not just see Him but touch and taste Him, make Him physically and spiritually part of me. Why else would I miss a chance to be with God unless I didn't believe He was really, physically there. I don't wake up early on Christmas morning, because I don't really believe Santa Clause has brought presents for me. If I don't go to Mass, what other explanation is there? Something is more important to me than Mass, because the Most Important is not there. Or so I believe.

Reflect with me on the words Jesus spoke at the Last Supper. Notice how simple and direct He is, so people like you and I could not possibly miss the meaning of His words.
"Take and eat; this is my body." (Matthew 26:26)

"Take it; this is my body." (Mark 14:22)

"This is my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me." (Luke 22:19)
On Sunday, think about these words and receive Christ physically with reverence and thankfulness that somehow, miraculously, God is with us in such an intimate way. Christ truly gave His body for us and continues to every day.

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