August 06, 2008

Still Pierced with Nails

About two weeks ago, Paul Myers, of the University of Minnesota, made good on his threats to desecrate the Eucharist. Catholic Online posted an article from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights explaining in detail what was done. In brief, Professor Myers pierced the Body of Christ with a rusty nail.

The imagery shoudn't be lost on any of us. It was perfectly appropriate to use a nail, since the Eucharist is truly the Body of Christ. Two thousand years ago, Jesus' body was treated without any dignity, carried away by men intent to do it harm. It was pierced by nails and tossed away - left hanging to die.

And exactly the same thing happens two thousand years later.

It is so appropriate one might say it is inspired. Of course, such an act is not inspired by the Holy Spirit but by a spirit set against God, by the enemy that's clearly still at work in this world.
It was not the Jews or Romans that pierced Christ's flesh with nails, it was sin. Sinful men pierced Him with nails, then and now.

Jesus knew the price of sin in the world that had to be paid, and He paid it for us willingly. We must not sin in response to sin, but defend ourselves and our faith with honor, justice, and passionate love for each other and for God. God can work good even through great evil, and God will turn even this act to good. We must, therefore, channel our outrage into expressions that do not drag us, as well, further into sin.

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