November 16, 2008

Use Your Talents

In the Gospel reading (Mt 25:14-30), the servants' master entrusted them with his money. The unit of currency is the "talent", and the dual meaning of that word, today, fits well with this parable.

The Master gives some people more talents than others, and different ones. It would be hypocritical to praise more the servant who had more talents and praise less the servant who had less. The Master Himself decided how many talents each would have. No, the master in the parable praised all but one. He threw out the servant who did not use the talent that was given to him.

It is not sinful to have fewer talents. It is not praiseworthy to have more. It depends, instead, on how you use what you have - or quality, not quantity.

There is a reason we laugh at the t-shirt that reads "Jesus is coming - look busy". There is some truth to the joke. Fear of the Lord is praised in the readings from Proverbs (Prv 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31) and Psalms (Ps 128:1-5). We fear the Lord by fearing what He may find when He looks at us. We put our talents to use, whatever they may be, however few or small they seem. We remember that the book chronicling how the apostles obeyed Christ's commands is not called "Appearances" or "Intentions"; it's called "Acts".

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