January 20, 2009

Hate the Sin, Love the President

Love the sinner and hate the sin. We're not sure where those exact words first came from (1), but they're quite popular, and today, they're quite applicable.

I feel like the Grinch. There is a lot of celebration today, and my heart is anything but in it. People around me are wearing Obama t-shirts and buttons, cheering as if we've won something as a culture. Maybe this culture has won something, but it still is a culture of death, and I cannot find the heart to cheer.

I choose, as President Obama said, to hope rather than fear. I hope that he will commit us to just war - war that is just - without committing us to just war - war with no alternative. I hope that his plans will support the poor and underpriveleged as he claims. I hope that he will not be the pro-abortion President that so many have claimed he will be.

We have come a long way, racially, in this country. We have far to go, still, but putting into office the first black President is a sign of great progress.

We have come much less far, humanely. The majority of us, I think, respect race and gender, but far too few respect humanity as a whole. Far too few respect life. We might point to Abraham Lincolm and Dr. Martin Luther King as figures that marked turns in the racial tide of America. There is, as of yet, no great voice for the unborn. There is no turning point, no well-known speech, that advocates exclusively on the behalf of Americans treated like property, disposed of at will, simply because they cannot speak for themselves.

This Grinch's heart will grow three sizes on the day abortion is dealt with, once and for all. For now, I cannot cheer, but I can appreciate the historical significance of the day. One more racial boundary has been crossed, and that is for the good.

To every pro-lifer: do not hate President Obama. Hate the sin he committed each time he supported - or failed to oppose - legal protection for the unborn. Hate any time he furthers the pro-abortion agenda as President. Do not hate the man, because instead of our hate, he needs our prayers.

I pray for our country, for our President, and for the lives of all Americans - past, present, and future.

1. St. Augustine wrote "cum dilectione hominum et odio vitiorum" or "love for mankind and hatred of sins" in letter 211.

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