February 22, 2009

Forgiveness on the Installment Plan

I love Paul's analogy in today's readings (2 Cor 1:18-22). It's so very modern, despite its age. Some things, as the saying goes, never change.

"...the one who gives us security with you in Christ
and who anointed us is God;
he has also put his seal upon us
and given the Spirit in our hearts as a first installment."

Have you ever wondered why God doesn't just reveal Himself - make this easy for us? We're on the installment plan!

Elsewhere in the Gospels (John 14:2-3), we read about the room waiting for us in God's house. God has already covered the security and the first month. Now we have to move in. Every time we stumble, every time we've messed the place up and risk losing that deposit, God steps in. He's willing to forgive us, and He's able.

In the Gospel (Mk 2:1-12), Jesus gives the scribes a powerful demonstration of just what God can do. Forgiving sin is easy for God. All we have to do is ask.

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