March 04, 2009

Love the Gift You've Given

Imagine that I give you a gift that you cherish. It could be anything - a vase, a photo album, a letter, a flat screen TV. Sometime later, I stop by and see the gift on display and disparage it. "I didn't know better," I say. Or, "I was forced to give that to you."

Parents, friends - you give a wonderful gift of faith away. A gift that is cherished should be cherished by both parties - the giver and the given - beyond the act of giving. In these days, with so much in the world pulling at us, to draw us away from faith, continued example is more critical. Nurture your own faith and cherish it in others. Love the gift given, as Christ does. His great gift - the greatest gift - was given once but is ongoing as well, a gift His Holy Spirit nurtures in each of us.

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