March 11, 2009

No Pansies

Last year, an article in the Catholic Herald - "How real men can be real Catholics" - quoted Fr. Larry Richards saying, "to be holy is to be real. We don't need any more pansies following Jesus; we need men!" Later in the article, we're asked a tough question by Father Richards: "Will you serve God when it's hard?"

Lent is a good time to ask ourselves tough questions. The Church is building to beginning its new year. The earth is building to the springing of new life. Each of us is buidling to something - to a new beginning at Easter.

"We don't need any more pansies following Jesus"

Pansies may wear some purple - a royal color - and seem like they fit in, but there's always some yellow in there. They don't want to offend anyone. They don't want to cause a scene. They don't want to singled out. They don't want to risk being wrong.

By spring, all the pansies in my yard are gone. For spring, let's be rid of the pansies. Christ's back was red, and black and blue, but never yellow.

No more pansies because Christ rose.

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