August 02, 2009

God the Father or God the Uncle?

We call God "our Father" all the time, but I suspect we usually want a kindly grandfather. We want that cool uncle that bought us the gifts our parents didn't want us to have.

In the first reading (Ex 16:2-4, 12-15), the Israelites complain to God. They'd rather die than suffer in the desert. Aren't we like this at times? We ask uncle God for what we want, but we rear up in anger against our Father teaching and chastising us.

We want our comforts. We'd rather lightning hit our bodies than our cable lines. Jesus calls the crowd out for this in John 6:24-35. The crowd followed him like hungry pets instead of found sheep.

Today, how do you approach God? More importantly, perhaps, are you ready to accept His lessons and guidance? Are we animals looking for a handout or sheep looking for our shepherd?

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