August 05, 2009

Our Master's Voice

Humanity is expert at passing judgment; we're just not that good at passing the correct one. We can't even pass proper judgment on a very small scale - one of out five dentists constantly disagrees with the other four! There is a natural law that we all recognize deep down inside ourselves, written on our hearts, but we all apply it differently. More and more today, there are those who try to ignore its presence at all, that argue that everything is relative and your "good" isn't the same as mine.

God gave the Israelites the ten commandments not to establish moral law but to emphasize it. He was providing Cliff's Notes to a society that just wasn't "getting it". He sent prophets all the way to John the Baptist and He continues to pick out good teachers for us to this day. He gave us His Son, the Bible, and the Holy Catholic Church.

The RCA dog, Nipper, cocks his head toward the sound of his master's voice. Without that record player beside him, the scene is comic and he is just a silly dog that thinks he hears something. With the speaker beside his ear, his is a loyal friend who recognizes his master and waits for his command.

How often each day do you turn your ear toward our Master to listen for His voice?

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