September 13, 2009

Praise You in the Storm

It's not always easy to do God's will. He has a different perspective than we do, and never is this more deeply felt than one a loved one dies. If you have lost someone close to you, you may have felt angry at God or defeated or questioned if He was really there. Why would a good and loving God take someone from me?

We fail to remember, in those times, that death is not a loss to God but a homecoming. God's goal for each of us is just that - to die and rise again, to be with Him forever. What is a loss to us is a gain to God - the prodigal son or daughter returning from the journey.

God calls us to not just have faith but to live it. James' words today (Jas 2:14-18) are used to support Christian charity - public acts of love for our fellow man. However, James also reminds us of the need to live our faith - to work it out in our lives, not just pay it lipservice.

When things are hard, do you fall away from your faith? Do you stand and tell God how things should be, as Peter tried (Mk 8:27-35)? If we truly believe, then we must accept that God is God and we are not. That means that we won't always understand what God does. We can, at least, try to see things from His perspective.

Lord God, it is easy to praise your work in the sunshine. Grant me the grace of a stronger faith. Help me to see you, too, in the storm.

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