October 18, 2009

At Christ's Left and Right Hands

In today's Gospel (Mk 10:35-45), James and John cut to the WIIFM (pronounced "wiffum") - what's in it for me? They are looking for the payoff at the end of these three years of work, at the end of all the traveling and preaching. Jesus chastises them because He knows what waits at the end of the earthly road - not a throne but a cross. Jesus told them to think about what's in it for others, because they were being called to serve. Nearly all of them served to the last, gave their lives, before their earthly work was done, but in these moments with Jesus, James and John missed the point.

Think about what specifically they asked for - to be at Jesus' right and left. They expected those positions to be powerful and lofty. They didn't know, then, what we know now.

Read ahead a few chapters to Mark 15:27, and see what those positions entail. Ask yourself what you would give, today, if it came down to it. Whatever your answer, pray today for the grace to give more.

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