April 18, 2010

The Net of Peter

Today's readings from Scripture tell us about the Church.

In the first reading (Acts 5:27-32, 40b-41), the just-born Church is standing up to the persecution of the Sanhedrin. In the second (Rev 5:11-14), John sees the saints and angels gathered around the throne of God in worship. We are not alone in time - the trials of the Church go back to the beginning. In every generation, the Church on earth (Church Militant) has suffered persecution and stood. We are not alone in spirit - the saints and angels surround us, and they pray and worship with us. At each Mass, we are not just a relative few in the pews but a vast multitude around the world, throughout time, and in Heaven!

The net that Peter the fisherman casts (John 21:1-19) catches many fish, but the net never tears. The net that Peter the fisher of men casts brings in many too, more and more through the years, but it never tears. The Church may strain and stretch, but it shall never break under the strain. We have Christ's promise of that! (Matt 16:18)

Take time to learn more about the Church. For example, you can read the Catechism starting with paragraph 748, try Fr. John Hardon's catechesis on the Church, or read Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth (which is keyed to the Catechism anyway!). If you need something to listen to during a commute, try the guys at Into the Deep. They have a series of podcasts on the Church starting with episode 18.

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