September 25, 2010

Providence in the Large

Today, I've been thinking about how much easier it is to accept God's providence in the small things than in the large and complex.

While I walking home with my son today, I was grumbling about large-scale problems - the economy, needing to move, deadlines creeping up. Not a minute later, a neighbor's dog ran out of the house - and right to me. I petted and held the dog until it's owner could catch up. "See, son? God puts you where you need to be."

God put me in the right place to help catch a dog, but is that the limit of His power? Didn't he also put me in this house, in this place, in this time in history? Is managing those large-scale things beyond God's ability?

St. Matthew tells us in his gospel that God is omniscient. He knows everything that happens to the smallest details (Matt 10:29-30). God is omnipotent and able to do what He wants (Matt 19:26). Our God that loves us and created us for Him knows what we need and where we need to be, and He has the power to see it through. Managing not only the small details but the largest, long-term, big-picture things is within God's infinite power.

God asked Job, "Where were you when I founded the earth?" (Job 38:4) In other words, we weren't there in the beginning to advise God. We didn't create God. As His creatures, we're naturally beneath His understanding and can't take the same omniscient, long-view that He does. We have to trust a greater mind and heart than our own.

Do you also have trouble seeing God in the big things - in the overall plan of your life? Meditate with me on what the Catechism tells us about providence in paragraphs 302-305.

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