March 04, 2012

On a Mission from God

You may not have an orphanage to save like the Blues Brothers, but you, too, are on a mission from God. Each of us has a mission to share the word of God with the world - with our world. The Holy Father tells us that "(i)t is the word itself which impels us towards our brothers and sisters: it is the word which illuminates, purifies, converts; we are only its servants."

The Holy Father calls us to return to the missionary sense of the first Christians. "The first Christian communities felt that their faith was not part of a particular cultural tradition, differing from one people to another, but belonged instead to the realm of truth, which concerns everyone equally." There is one truth, the truth for all people, and all people have a right to it. All people need it, whether they recognize it or not.

Pope Benedict points out an example from the Acts of the Apostles (17:16-34), where St. Paul preached to the local people based on their context. He met them where they are, so to speak. He found the things they had in common, however small, and built on them. The Pope reminds us that "(t)he Lord offers salvation to men and women in every age."

In the very next sentence, though, he writes that "(a)ll of us recognize how much the light of Christ needs to illumine every area of human life: the family, schools, culture, work, leisure and the other aspects of social life. It is not a matter of preaching a word of consolation, but rather a word which disrupts, which calls to conversion...." There is a place for ecumenism, but there is no place for indifferentism - believing that all religions are the same.

Where in your life are you being called to walk that line - to bring the Word of God into an aspect of your life, to disrupt and call to conversion, yet also to meet people where they are?

Catholic Answers Live! has recently addressed some of those areas of life. Here are a few relevant podcasts:

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