August 18, 2012

Latria and Dulia

"Dulia" is the term for honor or praise that we can give to other people. For example, Catholics praise the holy lives of the saints and honor the sacrifices of the martyrs. We give the highest praise (hyperdulia) to the Mother of God, Mary.

"Latria" is the term for worship, which is due to God alone. We give latria only to God. Catholics do not worship saints, after all.

These two terms (three counting "hyperdulia") can be difficult to remember, because we don't use them in everyday life....

...except that we do!

Movie stars and sports greats receive the adulation of their fans. In that word, we see the proper understanding of adulation. It is praise rather than worship: adulation or "a-dulia-tion". If fans took that praise too far and actually worshiped their favorites, they'd be guilty of idolatry (or "idol-latria").

Remember: adulation is not idolatry.

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