October 07, 2013


Welcome to Ho Kai Paulos!

What's this site all about?  I hope it will be a help to anyone that wants to know their Catholic faith better. We'll be exploring the foundations of our faith, the Catechism and Sacred Scripture. We'll even get down to basic terms.  You know - that thingy the priest wears?  And how that one part of church is called something or other?  Yeah - we'll cover that.

Now, while everything is interrelated to some degree, this site isn't about apologetics. We won't be debating. It's not a deep academic Scripture study.  It isn't heavy philosophy. But we're going to learn from those sites - from great apologists, Scripture scholars, and philosophers.

If you want to go deep, the links will be there.  If you want to strengthen the basics - or learn them for the first time - we'll do that together. I hope you'll stick with us and learn something new!

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