April 01, 2014

New Series: Relativism from God Down

Starting this week, I'm introducing my new series:

Relativism from God Down

We'll start from faithful Catholic belief and practice, and work our way down, step by step, to a mess of relativism and subjectivity.

 Together, we'll explore topics such as:
  • Priests aren't married. What do they know about sex?
  • Scott Hahn is married. What does he know about priests?
  • The Pope is in Rome. That's, like, way over there.
  • Someone made me feel bad in a church once.
  • There are bad people, therefore, God can't exist.
  • Don't believe some book written by someone you've never met just because other people think it makes them better. Instead, here's a copy of The God Delusion. It changed my life.

Learn practical techniques like eisegesis, mythologizing, and topic-changing as you descend into a confusion of relativism.
"Be nice as much as you can. I just want people to feel good." (Peccatum 4:1)

For those of you interested, I'll still be continuing my other series at Ho Kai Paulos: God from the Ground Up. You can read about the series, catch up on the posts so far, or read the latest: The Argument from Design. Tonight (April 1st), we'll continue with The Argument from Contingency!