May 20, 2015

Natural Theology Wrap-up

Two years ago, I relaunched Ho Kai Paulos and started a new and pretty large project, "God from the Ground Up". Slowly, we've worked through some basic terms and arguments for the existence of God--through natural theology.

Let's recap what we've already covered. Below, I've listed the main topics, with any follow-up posts linked underneath:

Proofs for the Existence of God

What's next?
  1. I'm finishing development of a MOOC (Massively-Open Online Course) on Natural Theology that will launch in a few weeks. It's free to attend, requires no textbook, and will cover the terminology and arguments you've read in the blog so far.

  2. Next in this "God from the Ground Up" project, we'll work on broadening what we know about God. So far, natural theology gives us a shallow picture of God. He is a first mover of things, the lawgiver, the fine-tuner of the universe. That really doesn't tell us that much about God, and it certainly doesn't give us the full picture of God as Christians know Him.  We'll pick up with God's attributes and build up from that groundwork.

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