May 30, 2015

Our next step: God's Attributes

What do we have so far?
  • We have some other-worldly fulfillment of a natural desire we experience.
  • We have a source of existence, something that is existence itself.
  • We have a first cause, which has no cause itself.
  • We have a designer, of some sort, of the universe.
  • We have a greatest-being that exists.
  • We have a source of goodness against which we can measure other things as good or bad.

This, and our definitions, make up the first two layers of what we're building.

In one sense, that's a lot. It feels like a lot. It's certainly a big step.

In another sense, it really isn't a lot. It's not the only step. That description certainly isn't the God of Bible, described as fully as possible. So far, we haven't even established that this "God" is a personal entity--someone, rather than something.

Our next step, then, is to think about what else follows from these points. Is there more we can tell about this thing we're calling God? We'll need to suss out some attributes of this God, first based on what we already know.  This will include things like God being infinite, being one, and being personal.

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