About Ho Kai Paulos

Ho Kai Paulos, from Acts 13:9, means "also called Paul". An old friend compared my reversion to the faith to St. Paul -- an undeserved comparison, but one that's stuck with me, and one I've tried to live up to in some way. He was possibly the first distance educator, and he had a way of being direct and clear in his writing. That's the aim of HKP.

HKP is for Catholic adults that want to know their faith better. We'll cover the very basics of the Catholic faith - prayers, terms, and customs, as well as catechism, Church documents, and Sacred Scripture. All of it with be done in manageable chunks, designed to help Catholic adults to understand, absorb, and apply the material.

HKP is written by a professional educator. My bread and butter is adult learning, and that's my approach to evangelization and catechism -- to put things in a way that adults can understand, absorb, and apply.

About the Author

Joe is a professional adult educator with nearly 20 years of experience. He holds a Catechetical Diploma, an ecclesiastical teaching certificate awarded by the authority of the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy, and is a member of the Militia Immaculata.

He works as a teacher and instructional designer, specializing in adult education and performance improvement. You can learn more at joewetterling.com.

Joe looks at fantasy and science fiction with Catholic eyes at The Baptized Imagination. He is a contributor at the New Evangelizers and the Catholic Writers Guild blog, and teaches for Holy Apostles MOOCs. Joe is serving as the President of the Catholic Writers Guild.