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Bible: NAB, NABRE, RSV, Knox/Greek/Latin parallel
- Biblia Clerus
- Catena Aurea, St. Thomas Aquinas (Gospels only)
- Haydock, 1859

Catechism of the Catholic Church: Vatican, Catholic Culture, SCB parish
Compendium of the CCC
Nazareth Master Catechism (Aquinas, Trent, Baltimore, Pius X, CCC)
Baltimore Catechism (1941) (1891, questionable site)
Pocket Catholic Catechism, Fr. Hardon

Church Documents: New Advent,, EWTN

Church Fathers: New Advent, Catholic Culture, CCEL

Modern Catholic Dictionary
Pocket Catholic Thesaurus
Catholic Encyclopedia: New Advent, Catholic Answers
Biblical Measurements (h/t Steve Ray)
Catholic Hierarchy

Catholic Answers
CUF Faith Facts
Radio Replies
Why Believe in God? - Magis God Wiki
Why Believe in Jesus? - Magis Christ Wiki
St. Paul Street Evangelization

St. Thomas Aquinas
Catena Aurea (Gospel commentary)
Summa Theologiae: New Advent
Works (S.T., Summa Contra Gentiles, etc.)

Commentary on Aquinas:
- Grace, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange (Ia IIae q.109-14)
- A Companion to the Summa, Fr. Farrell

GIRM, De Defectibus,
Annotations: USCCB, Deacon Burke-Sivers

Canon Law
1983 Code of Canon Law
Commentary:, Musings of a Canonist, In the Light of the Law, Canon Law Made Easy

Fr. John A. Hardon
Fr. William G. Most
Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman


St. John Paul II Bioethics Center