What's Coming Up?

What's coming up at Ho Kai Paulos?

Main Series: God from the Ground Up

We'll start from the most general ideas (What do 'objective' and 'subjective' mean? What is absolutism versus relativism?) and work stepwise to the most specific (How should a Christian live? What is the Church?). There are a lot of steps in between, and we'll take them slowly -- with brief, clear explanations, plus lots of suggestions for further reading and listening on each topic. You can dip your toe into each subject, or use the follow-up links to dive all the way in.

Adult learners - Jesus told a parable about a house built on a firm foundation. When the wind blew and the rain fell, the house stood. Let's make sure you have a firm foundation, brick by brick.

Catechists - Whatever grade you're teaching, your students will have questions. We want them to have questions! (Nothing is scarier than going through a whole class with silence. This stuff got people torn to pieces by lions and you don't have any questions? What am I doing wrong!?) The questions don't always look forward - what is coming next? what does this mean for the future? Often, they look back. What do you mean by faith? Isn't that just your truth? Answering questions well may involve some clearing away of root problems, before you can even get to the answer. Let's dig into those roots together.